TomTom Mobile on Nokia 7610 - Does it work?

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I have read somewhere (can't find page anymore) that someone got
TomTom Mobile to work on a 7610 by copying the files on the MMC from
TomTom to the RS-MMC used in a 7610. Does anyone know FOR CERTAIN that
this works? theThanks in advance.
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    I'm using TomTom on my 6600 which only came on a 128mb mmc card,
    i copied the files onto a 256mb card and got nothing, the tomtom icon just
    doesn't appear in the menu so if anyone did manage to get it to work on a
    copied card i'd be grateful if they could say how they did it.

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    I have now found the web site where someone said they got it to work.
    The following text has been taken from

    "Works on my Nokia 7610
    I bought this praying that it would work with my Nokia 7610 which is a
    revamp of the Nokia 6600. Had to copy the storage card files from the
    SD card to my mini MMC all the configuration you need to do.

    Make sure that you have Bluetooth turned on or it does not allow you
    access to the program, bit of a pain if you just want to save battery
    power and plan routes before you leave.

    Works great, the screen on the phone is easily big enough for me and
    the sound on the phone makes it even easier to use.

    I have found no bugs as yet regarding the phones compatibility and I
    would highly recommend you consider the phone GPS. Its great to show
    off to your m8s, and even better give it to the misses and she wont
    get lost again ?

    Stevie From Glasgow, 09 November 2004"
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