Ibm thinkpad audio drivers for r 27

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  1. pardhu123 said:
  2. I don't think IBM made an R 27 model. What's the part listed on the bottom of the case? Could this be a T42?

    The link ksiemb posted won't work, you need the Lenovo site

    But there is no Audio drivers for Windows 7 for the T42.
  3. Hi :)

    If it is a T42, T41 or T40 you have NO chance of drivers for 7...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Maybe the best is to go with Windows XP. I wonder though, if you could find out, what kind of audio chip is that, maybe you could find something to try out.

    For example, I started looking around on the lenovo site, and some computers of that kind had audio driver for "SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio". Now, if I search that with "Windows 7", there are some interesting results... No idea, how useful, but interesting, anyways. Good luck!
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