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i cannot boot up my laptop. dell n5030. get a black screen with blinking cursor. I try to boot from USb and or a dell reinstall CD but it won't boot off either. just get that dell startup screen and then the black one. nothing will boot this up. i changed in BIOS SATA ops from ahci to ata and that did nothing.
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  1. oh yeah. I forgot to mention i thought the hard drive was fried so I replaced it. still exact same problem.
  2. Hi, if you are getting the Dell panel and can update the BIOS settings things are not that bad.

    0. Does the BIOS recognize the new drive? Is it in the boot order list? What is ahead of it in the boot order list? A blinking cursor could be booting something that is not bootable but seems to be bootable.

    1. Did you reinstall windows software on the new hard drive you installed? You would use your recovery media you created before the hard drive failed, or you would use the $20 copy of the recovery media Dell will happily sell you. Put the recovery disk in the DVD drive and power off the machine. Then power on. the PC will boot from the recovery disk. You tell it to do a full recovery restore.

    2. If you did the recovery restore or if you installed your own copy of windows can you describe the install, say how it went.

    3. Download "ultimate boot CD" <google it> and run the disk diagnostics, make sure the new disk is OK. Normally you get a "boot error, no OS found" message, not a blinking cursor with a failed drive.
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