Winlogon.exe proccess in task manager! I'm scared D:>

Today after I updated my game "Eve Online" and played it awhile, but then it crashed. I check my processes like I always do when a game crashes to make sure its .exe isn't running after the crash to keep my computer running smooth. I then noticed winlogon.exe, something I never noticed before. I has no use name or description, using non of my CPU and has 1,424K memory being used. I searched it on google and some said it was nothing and others said only if it is effecting your computers performance that it is a virus. I did a system restore to 3 days ago, and its still here, but its not effecting anything on my computer at all. So should I be worried and remove it some how? Please help, I'm so scared T-T
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    "winlogon.exe" runs in the background. Winlogon is a part of the Windows Login subsystem, and is necessary for user authorization and Windows activation checks. Do not delete it, it is a valid windows system file.
  2. That's a standard file for Windows. I'm running XP, and it's right there in my Task Manager as a System file.
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