No video output from radeon 6850 vapor x

Trying to Post again from my mobile, don't know what happened to the previous one.
So my config is:
AMD fx 6100
asus M5A88-M
Sapphire radeon 6850 vapor x
dell in2030m monitor
G.Skill ripzaws 1 x 8gb 1866
Corsair CX 600 V2

Problem is I am not getting any video output when I connect the gpu to the mobo.the display works just fine with the integrated video card in the mobo.
Currently I am using a dvi to vga adapter, to connect the display to the gpu. All power supplies are plugged in.
appreciate your help
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  1. Have you checked your graphics card by connecting it to an other system(ur friends may be). I think its the problem of GPU
  2. Unfortunately, all my contacts over here have laptops. Anyways i have decided to take the whole system back to the retailer and have it checked part by part. Might be a faulty PCIe slot too.

  3. As it turns out, the DVI to VGA adapter, that came with the card, was faulty. The card itself is working fine. I read some other threads where people has similar problem as mine. You might want to look into minor reasons as this one.. :)
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