Is this a good system?

I gonna build a gaming rig and have look at some parts that i think is good.
I want this to be pretty futureproof. I don't knew if i gonna go with i7, i gonna edit videos.
My budget is about 1000-1200. I gonna buy this rig after cristmars. This is what have look at.

Cpu: i7 3770k

Gpu: AMD radeon hd 7970

Mobo: asrock extreme4

Ssd: samsung 820 128 gb

Case: fractal design core 3000

Psu:be quiet 730w

Ram: 16 gb patriot extreme 2133
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  1. If you can fit it into the budget. A better power supply is recommended
  2. For SSD I would buy the A-Data Premier Pro SP900, it's $150 and 256GB. That's practically a steal in this market.
  3. 16 gb of ram is a waste, go with 8, or if you are doing some serious video editing 12.
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