New Graphics Card, Terrible Performance.

Hi there, I just bought a GTX 550 Ti, it is replacing an 8800GTX Links:

The rest of the PC.

Operating System: Windows XP 32bit




it came w/ the Case:

As far as I can tell the 550ti is only inferior in the memory pipeline area however in performance it is acting like it doesn't exist at all.

To elaborate, I'm seeing FPS of around 5-9 in games that the 8800gtx ran at 60fps (Eve Online).

I uninstalled the old drivers from the device manager before installing the card, but this caused windows to stop booting up outside of safe mode, I did a system restore & overwrote the old drivers with the newest(301.xx?) and for a brief moment the card worked seemingly as it was supposed to(4 boxed EO no problem, tabbed from window to window instantly) but after went back to performing like the computer didn't have a motherboard, I have since updated the drivers to 306.xx which came out just a few days ago, but the performance remains unchanged.

GPU-z seems to detect that the card is there
MSI-Afterburner/Kombuster was having the card report 35-45 FPS at 99% load I don't remember the numbers but it was like 2200 objects on screen or something?

Two other notes: I also replaced the ram(links below) but that shouldn't be related to what is happening right?
- New Ram:

Old Ram:

Note2: the card is connecting to a monitor that caps out at 1024-768 resolution, is it possible that this is a problem?

I am absolutely baffled as to what is going on, any advice would be deeply appreciated.

The driver that worked once was 285.xx iirc, but again as soon as I rebooted it went back to the terrible performance about 1 in 5 reboots it would work as expected.

So yeah, again absolutely baffled.

Edit - I've googled pretty extensively & can't find anyone having an issue quite like this.
Edit2- Having seen it work once makes me think it isn't DoA, but again no idea what the issue is.
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    It sounds like you are having driver problems. Try downloading a program called Driversweeper, and remove all your nvidia drivers with it. Even using the nvidia uninstaller you can sometimes have residual stuff left behind that can cause problems. Then install the latest driver for your new card.

    Also, what temps are MSI Afterburner reporting on your card while under load? If the temps are getting too high, then the card will throttle performance to protect itself from damage.
  2. I'd reinstall windows if you had boot problems. Something is definitely wrong with them.
  3. Ok so, I used driversweeper/driverfusion - installed the 306.xx drivers, and they were giving average performance, but had a ~2 second delay on alt-tabbing from window to window.

    I driversweepered again, installed the 285.52 drivers, rebooted, was 4 boxing & tabbing between the windows almost instantly.


    Boot up eve, and the ~2 second delay on minimzing/loading is back.

    What is happening @_@? why was it only "amazing" on the first reboot?

    the 8800 for reference was tabbing/minimzing/maximizing instantly every time, so this is quite perplexing.

    Edit - After tabbing back & forth a few times, it seems to return to the "instantaneous" tabbing, I guess its being cached into RAM?

    Tentatively - I say the problem is now gone, thank you for your time & the link to driversweeper, it defintely aided in fixing the problem greatly.
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