Hey, I'm currently using a HD 5770 and looking for a graphics card upgrade.

I have a budget of $400, currently looking at the 7850 and 660 Ti should I go for one of these or something else?
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  1. Hi.

    For $400 you can also get a HD7970 or a GTX670.

    What is the best for system is hard to say without knowing it.
  2. Thanks for the reply, my system specs are

    CPU - i5 760
    MOBO - ASRock H55M Pro
    RAM - 8GB DDR3
    GPU - Radeon HD 5770
  3. Ok, thats pretty decent.

    If you can spend the money go for one of those. Just take the one you like best / is the cheapest.
  4. Forgot ; what power supply do you have ?
  5. for $400 you could go with a 7970 or a 670. The 7970 is the better card, after a few driver updates, but if you have something against AMD or for Nvidia, the 670 is a solid option too.
  6. Power supply is 600w, not sure of make and model as I am not at home right now.
  7. Ok, psu is fine then i think. I believe something like 34A on the 12V rail is needed, you'll probably have that.

    So 7970 or 670, your choice.
  8. Nice, thanks for the help :P

    Just one more thing, does the brand really matter when buying the gfx card? Looking at Amazon, the GTX 670 seems to range from $380-$450.
  9. I wouldn't go for the cheapest.

    I like the double fan designs better. Asus, MSI, Evga though they have only one fan design.
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