My fan goes crazy loud after updating graphics driver

Hi All,

My Asus GTX 460 graphics card got a crazy problem that the fan of it screams super loud when I tried to update its driver ( to any later versions (it was okay with later version until I got a blue screen mentioned below), and I checked the SmartDocter which shows the temp of it got max out!

All of this crazy problem was first introduced when I played the Civilization V video game, I got a blue screen error during the game then I rebooted my PC, this is where the problem starts!

I tried many things to find out what causes the noise, I originally thought that this could be a problem with Windows 7 64bit, so I tried login to my second OS - Windows XP 32 bit, the problem still remains, the fan continues run at full speed until I rolled back my graphics driver to original version that comes with the card when I bought it.

Now I can't really play any 3D games or my PC dies

Please help me ! :sweat:

Zhongming Chen
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  1. very strange.... a driver update causing it to max out temps?
    i guess maybe the problem might be in the latest drivers. you might likely try out previous latest versions of it. And can you elaborate more like does this problem occurs in only civilization v or other games or even if the gfx gives loud noise even on computer restart??
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I tried previous drivers but no luck..

    The problem was initially introduced when I was playing Civilization V, I did play Civilization V few times with no problem before until one day I got a blue screen.

    The noise starts as long as the Windows login screen shows, I don't even need to run any applications.
  3. what is the actuall temperature the card idles at?
    download GPU-Z from, sensors tab
  4. Kari said:
    what is the actuall temperature the card idles at?
    download GPU-Z from, sensors tab

    It's odd! it's showing 0.0 c :o :o

    before upgrade driver

    PS. I grabbed this pic when my PC is running normal
  5. And this is what's happen after upgrading my video card driver

  6. not sure what to do whit that then...
    and the pc crashes pretty soon when you launch a game?
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