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I'm out of Pc mods to do on the rider (Chiller box on hold till spring) and having just started making a sword rack out of a toilet seat I've decided to think about upgrading our Pc's, I need something to occupy my brain lol

I quite fancy seeing what I can squeeze out of an 8350 so I'm thinking a new mobo is in order as well, Fatality 990 maybe? I'll most likely (finally) go for an ssd as well,
so the other half will get my 975 and 890Fx plate which is an upgrade from the unlocked 435@3.2GHz she currently has, I'll throw in my old 5770 with hers to crossfire too, theres been no point yet as the M3a770DE she has only throws 16/4 on the lanes,

not going for Gfx card upgrades though and no room for any more monitors (although I do want six 1080p screens I just don't have the deskspace)
**Edit, I say six screens because twelve would be overkill)
Its more a boredom upgrade than anything so any and all ideas welcome,
Except Intel :P
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  1. Not sure what exactly you are after, but the concern would be is the juice worth the "squeeze" on an 8350. Sure it would be fun, but that CPU and a 990 chipset MB is roughly $350 - $400 (USD). For that cost, you can easily get into an Intel setup and overclock it to thuroughly smoke the AMD setup. I like AMD builds... They are cheap and do very well outside of a somewhat demanding gaming setup, but considering costs this just doesn't seem worth it. When you say "Except Intel" does that mean you are looking at a strictly AMD build?
  2. Thats exactly what I meant :)
    Re-edited my op to be more clear,
    I have a decent enough Rig, but my watercooling has been the main focus thus far,
    I built it for Bd and Bd wasn't great so I stuck the 975 in at 4.5GHz to tide me till Pd came, well its here and I feel like seeing what I can get from it, its not a need, I have no problems running Crysis/C2, the Mass effect series or even WoW, at stock or overclocked
    I just have the itch to revamp my rig and the Gf gets my old hardware, could probably do with a new Psu for hers as well now I think about it :P
    As for the juice, I pay the bill so no worry there, and my Loop can more than handle any heat I put to it
  3. Are you asking for a build recommendation? If so, could you give a budget and clarify what parts you do and don't need?
  4. Gotcha. Well... Maybe first you add the SSD (look toward deals closing out the Samsung 830) and low latency memory, but I say go for it just from a fun perspective. As you noted the 975 @ 4.5GHz is pretty solid. Your real world differences would likely be be minimal between those two setups. The bragging rights should be nice running the 8350 at 5.0+ GHz.
  5. blazorthon said:
    Are you asking for a build recommendation? If so, could you give a budget and clarify what parts you do and don't need?

    I think the only thing I'd need recommmendations for is the mobo, but thats only necessary because I don't believe my 890Fx will garner the best results from the new chip,
    I've held off so far on Ssd's mainly because I Cba with one but if I'm rebuilding I may as well throw that in as well whilst my kitchen is full of W/c gear

    So if you work on the assumption I'm just after a new motherboard then I can see what boards folks come up with for me :)
    @Sadams, I'm aiming for 5Ghz base, but lets see how high you can push them at home, No LN2 here :P

    Not giving a budget and what you've said implies that you wouldn't mind spending almost $170 on a board. If you do want to spend that much, then I think that this is the best option for you.

    5GHz is a pretty high number for one of the eight core models. I think that you can at least hit it if not go further if you have an exceptionally good water cooler, but IDK for sure.
  7. Thats the Fatality I'd seen and was referring to :)
    Its £150 in UK colour so cheaper than my 890fx was when I bought that,
    Sorry for the lack of budget info, I don't tend to limit things that way, if what I need costs £50 or £200 then thats what it costs :P
    I'm off to my nightshift but I'll be checking out 990 plates if its too quiet tonight, or in the morning when Iget in,
    Cheers Blazor
  8. I have good water dude, I can link in about an hour when I get home, or you could google 'Motopsychojdn Radbox project' theres links to all my logs in there,
    Cooling will not be any kind of problem believe me hehe
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    Alright then, good luck.
  10. cheers man :) looking good, as is the Sapphire 990fx pure black, mixed reviews on that one though, and I'm not too sure on the crosshairs graphics card spacing, needs researching :P
    My buildlog for reference, it contains links to the radbox and graphics cards mod as well
    time to go find some prices I think
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