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Hey guys, I've been having this problem recently where every time I leave my desktop for a while and it automatically sleeps, the fan starts working at max speeds for no reason but the screen goes off like it normally should. When I try to wake the computer up nothing happens and the fan just continues spinning away at max. The only way to get it again is to do a hard shutdown and restart again. I have no idea what to do to fix this, so any insight from you guys would be great.

Thanks a lot for your time!
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  1. check your bios settings for what sleep modes are allow and which devices are allowed to bring the computer from sleep. Refer to your mobo manual if options are not clear (often there's very little description in BIOS itself, while manual could contain a few more helpful sentences)

    my guess is you got some device that doesn't go to sleep properly and motherboard doesn't know how to deal with it.

    worst case you can just disable the auto sleep function. that's what I do on my machine, it only shuts down when I tell it to.
  2. okay thanks a a lot, I'll give it a try and post back the rests. Thanks : )
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