[New Build] a secondary system

Hey I just finished my own build and now I'm building one for my little cuz.
this one is a bit more of budgety

Approximate Purchase Date: as soon as im set on all the parts
Budget Range around 3k NIS
System Usage from Most to Least Important:gaming,surfing,movies,etc
Are you buying a monitor:no
Do you need to buy OS: no
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: http://en.ksp.co.il/
Location: israel

Basically I already have a build in mind just wanna hear if anyone got any special suggestion or can see anythign wrong with it before i order the parts.

Cpu: i3 3220
M/B: gigabyte H77-DS3H
Ram: 2x4 g.skillripjaws
Graphics :MSI gtx 660 oc 2GB
HDD: Seagate 1TB Barracuda
PSU: Seasonic 350w active pfc 80+
Case: still have no idea.

The things that I'm wondering the most about are the psu and case
According to psu calcs 350 should be enough but it feel too little im thinking abuot switching to corsair cx 430
and the case still buffles me, Im trying to find one with front usb 3s at a reasonable price but if that cant be found i might just got for a cheap generic one.

any comment will be most appreciated.
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  1. you need a more powerful psu than that

    500 watts

    Cases are personal choice but my pick of the budget gamer cases is the Antec One . great cable management and front USB 3 port
  2. Go with pentium g850 and spend the extra on a more powerful gpu. 4-6GB of ram will be fine. 7870 is better gpu. downgrade to 500GB hard drive, save some money. need a much better psu. not sure about case sorry.
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