Asus P5K & 2 graphics cards for 4 monitors setup?


I can't seem to find a definite answer to this question.

I've now got 3 monitors with plans to get fourth.

I have already 1 pineview XFX 7600GT 256mb graphics card which as 2 dvi links on it.

My motherboard is the Asus P5K with 8gbs of ram and q6600.
Am right in saying to purchase another 7600GT graphics card by ANY brand will do the trick.
I have tried before putting a 2nd graphics card to work alongside the XFX and it doesn't work at the same time as the XFX... It's either one or the other.

It's becoming hard to find the exact XFX graphics card as i have but there are penty of others available on ebay from 3D fusion or point of view etc.
Just a different brand.

If not what do i need to do to use 4 monitor setup with Mobo that i have.

many thanks
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  1. Yes, you can use any brand so long as they are the same series, i.e. both 7600gt. 2 of those gpu's will run 4 monitors so long as they are in a non-sli configuration. Another alternative would be to look at one of the 6 monitor capable gpus' from amd, something from the Radeon HD7xxx series. Although if you go this route, you will need to use active displayport adapters.
    Good luck.
  2. Thanks for your swift answer!! have a great day.
  3. You're welcome. One thing I forgot to mention, make sure your psu is powerful enough to run both cards.
    Good luck.
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