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Building a P4 system need help ASAP

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November 12, 2001 9:07:06 PM

I wish to build a computer that I can use to edit/mix videos as well as to run other office related apps. but I dont have 2 grand to waste. Could someone please tell me what kind of CPU/Motherboard combo I should look at for good flexibility and something that wont get too outdated soon. What type of ATX case I should go with. What things to keep in mind. I have never assembled my own PC so this is the first time.

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November 13, 2001 3:00:10 PM

Thanks for all the help!
November 13, 2001 3:38:14 PM

Fastest P4 you can afford, on an Abit TH7-II-RAID. 512meg or so of PC800 (or better yet, 1066).

Lian-Li cases rock, you can look into those.

Anything else you want to know about?

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November 13, 2001 3:46:19 PM

Yeah, the p4 shines on video editing. But you'll have to make sure the program you'll be using has a patch for the sse2 extensions. Otherwise, you're better off with an Athlon system.

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