Is this enough for 1400x900 gaming?

I'll be playing mostly Dota 2 and Natural Selection 2.

CPU: i3 2100
GPU: GTX 560
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 520m. (I wanted a cheap modular PSU).
Case: CM Elite 371.
RAM: 2x2 GB Patriot Signature.
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  1. Yes it is. Just one note, switch to i3 ivy bridge, as they are more advanced. Your current choice is sandy bridge. Any i3 - 32xxx model will suffice
  2. I think I'll get instead a i5 Ivy (non K) since it will allow me to emulate Wii/PS2 games at 60 fps. It's also just $40 more compared to the i3 2120.
  3. Also good choice. Just noticed that mobo is bad. Better get one from reliable manufacturer like Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock
  4. since I don't plan to SLI or getting a high-end GPU in the future I'll just get an Asrock H61 mobo. I'll be mostly gaming and using Office so I don't feel like I'll make any use of the features of a H77 mobo.

    The Ivy isn't that powerful compared to the Sandy, and right now I can get the i3 2100 for much less.
  5. so wait are you getting the i5 or i3 ?
  6. I'll just get a pentium g620 and the GTX 560.

    Dota 2 will end up having a ridiculous lifepsan like the original so I won't need to upgrade for ages. The difference between the g620 and i3 is also minimal in titles that are properly optimized.
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