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Cant decide which GPU to get within 13k (13000 INR / RS) ? :(

I got a corsair GS 600 SMPS - 600W PSU and now i am all set to get a new GPU , i got an eye on HD 6950 by ATI and GTX 560 ti by nvidia , my budget will be around 13k ( not more ) .. can u please suggest me which GTX 560ti am i suppose to get since there are lots of edition which makes me confused.

PS : a friend of mine bought Forza twin HD 6950 last year for 16k. what do u think of this , how is this card.?

i would prefer to buy from Nehru Place , Delhi.

Thanks a lot :)
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  1. I am not familiar with the currency you are using. BUT a GTX 560 ti is around 200-250 US Dollars. You could bump it up to a 660 ti for around 299 US dollars. But ether way the 560 ti or the 660 ti will perform better than a 6950.
  2. whats ur resolution??
  3. Hi dost!

    Get a 7850 if possible.

    And amongst the 560Ti or the 6950. I'd definitely go with the 6950. I had the same choice to make a month ago, a 560Ti 2GB or a 6950 2GB. I went with the 6950, and I'm more than happy.
  4. Oh and last I checked with Nehru Place, the 6950 that I bought was for 16K. (A month ago) I ordered mine from the US.
  5. Just checked for you. The 7850 2GB is for 14,532 at Cost to Cost. 6970 2GB is for 14500. 6950 1GB is for 11000.

    Go for the 7850! Hazaar rupay se kya farak parhta hai ;)
  6. hd 6850 and 560 ti are your 2 good choices or if u can get it a hd 7850 is better than them both since it is newer, so wait and see if u can get it,
    and different versions of a the same card dont make too much of a difference, maybe a couple of frames here and there.

    simplest rule is to get the most expensive one but that dosent work all the time, so see the clock speeds and turbo speeds to help u decide.
    and try to get a new card from 7000 seires or 600 series.
    gtx 660 is 229 dollars and 560 ti is 200 and gtx 660 destroys the 560 ti in every game!!
    but u probably wont be able to get that in india any time too soon, so go with the 7850 or if u want it 560 ti
  7. The 660Ti in India right now is for about 28K haha! What a waste.
  8. go for 660~19k which is about 30% faster than 560ti and roughly 15-16% faster than 7850......
    waise 660 ka price kya h abhi.........22k se upar toh ni jata shayad
  9. +1 for 7850
  10. :D Thanks a lot everyone for the reply.
    I would like to let you guys know that the maximum resolution my monitor limits is 1336 X 768 .
    I have short listed Sapphire HD 7850 and MSI Frozr Gtx 560ti , but i am sure that according to my screen resolution even a mere HD6770 or 7770 is enough ( i am aware of that so please dont suggest , i might be changing to a full hd monitor later).
    additional info : my mobo i will be getting is ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 which i dont guess will really support HD 7850 coz its Pci 3.0 :/ so i have to change mobo in that case. Do u think the Gtx 560Ti's or HD 6950 / HD 6970 will fit in this mobo.? :??:

    Thanks once again everyone :)
  11. as long as u have a pci express all the cards will fit, dosent matter even if its pci e 1.0,
    so the best thing would be
    1: to get a 7870 and then upgrade to a better monitor
    2: get a 7770 then upgrade monitor then get another 7770 and run crossfire
  12. @Pandu9933
    Thanks for the info. Btw my CPU is AMD PHENOM IIx4 965 BE , i guess since its a quad core its enough.

    i am not into Crossfire. if i fit 7870 in my pci 2.0 will the performance of the GPU completely utilized ?
  13. at any given situation gpu's performance is bottlenecked,
    if u put a i7 extreme, u will get higher fps, but not that high,
    so the answer is pci 2.0 may not be able to use it to a 100% but the difference is very small,
    so get the 7870, u wont be bottlenecked in a non 1080p,
    but if u choose to upgrade ur monitor, sell the old one of a new mother board with pci e 3.0 and buy a new hd monitor,
    they are not that expensive these days, and i'm talking about LED's
  14. yeah u are absolutely right..i guess i will have to settle with Gtx 560 ti in this case. Then there wont be much probs.

    "so the answer is pci 2.0 may not be able to use it to a 100% but the difference is very small"
    IT SURE IS !! but will it be noticeable ?
  15. That's a really low res. o.O

    Even a GTX 550Ti would do!
  16. Best answer
    look if u r happy with 720p 560ti is more than enough,
    but if u r planning to upgrade in next 2 years or so get a better card,
    pci 2.0 and 3.0 differences maybe noticeable(exen though) on newer games but not on 720p,
    the resolution is the most imp thing, and future proofing is imp too
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  18. Thanks a lot pandu9933 that really helps...and to rest , really appreciate your answers.

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