My GTX 670 FTW heat Over 80

ok so my GTX 670 FTW hits 80 c while playing battlefield 3 on Ultra and im not sure is that normal and everyone gets 80 or not ? please tell me im worried BTW i did not change anything on gpu fan speed

my case is aerocool xpredator evil black edition its has 2 fan and i bought extra big fan 240 i think on the side
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  1. ur temps are normal cause ur 670 is using a reference design cooler
  2. Download MSIafterburner and set up a custom fan profile. It will make more noise, but keep the GPU cooler
  3. +1 egilbe. Set a custom fan speed.
  4. these temps are normal Keplers are hot cards, use a custom fan curve EVGA Precision
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