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soon ill have my new comp all set up, its gonna have amd 1.4 athlon, geforce3 ti 200, and other regular stuff from my comp at the moment, i would like to know if my fan that runs my 533 mhz amd off my compaq presario 7478 will work with my future setup, thanks, ladr
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  1. I take it you're taking about a CPU fan? Since you're spending the cash on the new system, it wouldn't hurt to put in maybe $20 more for a better CPU fan.

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  2. no, i am talking about the fan in the back of the computer
  3. Case fan? Power supply fan?

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  4. either one, would both work fine on new setup?
  5. As I'm unsure of your OEM system's setup, I can only give probable answers.
    Case fan: More likely than not. Take the connector off the old motherboard or braching of the power supply, and simply hook it up onto either one of your new motherboard's fan headers or a branch of the power supply.
    Power supply fan: What a hassle to disassemble the thing and switch it! Power supplies come with fans right from the store.

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