WBR-2310 with windows 7

I just pass a 75 feet ethernet cable from the router (WBR-2310) to my room with my new computer that has windows 7 installed. The router is wired or wireless. The computer connect to it with a usb wireless adapter but when I connect it with the wire, it doesn't work. I already try the hard reset and I also try to connect the same wire to my laptop and it works but the laptop has windows XP.

I'm pretty sure it is something in the settings of my win 7 but I don't know where to go, i'm new with the OS. And I already check for compatibilty with win 7 at microsoft and it's ok.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I think I'm on a way, windows 7 say:

    "Local Area Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration Not fixed

    I also run Ipconfig and the result

    Subnet mask:
    default gateway: nothing

    BTW: I can't even connect to the router software with win 7...
  2. It works ! I just uninstall two programs that was installed and it solved the problem:

    -Downlaod ActiveX and - Sonar ....something I don't remember (whatever it was, it was causing the problem, after i restart it suddenly works.
  3. Finally, the program wasn't the problem, today I start the computer and the connection doesn't work anymore.

    Cansomeone help me with that IP configuration thing.
  4. BUMP!

    How can we make a static IP for the computer ?
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