Graphics card issue (help please)

power issue to graphics card, ok my graphics card is not getting enough power and it is not because of the power supply as i have tested that, it is turning the fan on and off and not turning the card it self on . i was wondering if it was possible that the power pci-e power connectors had dry solder joints and if it was worth re soldering them.
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  1. What are your system specifications?
  2. 700watt PSU, motherboard m68mt-s2 , hdd 2tb seagate, 4 gb ddr3 ram and graphics card ati hd 5870
  3. Which 700W PSU do you have?
  4. qtec u700
  5. I can't find any information on your power supply. It sounds super sketchy and could be the source of your problem.
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