What needs an upgrade.

So I have that itch... you know what I am talking about. The gaming rig upgrade itch. Here is my current system setup. The primary games I play at the moment are: WoW, GW2 and BF3. What is in most dire need of an upgrade and or should I just wait till next gen comes out.

CPU: i7-970 six core 3.2ghz, OCd to 3.6 ghz.
MOBO: Asus Sabertooth x58
RAM: 16gb Ripjaw ddr3-1600
GPU(s): 2x GTX 460 768mb in SLI OCd to 900 mhz core clock & 1100 mhz memory clock
HDD: 1tb WD 7200 RPM drive
Monitor: Hanns-g 28 inch 1080p running at 1920 x 1200
Case: Antec 900
PSU: Corsair tx 750w
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  1. 1. GET AN SSD - It's worth it.
    2. Maybe a good graphic card would do. Something like a 670?

    Everything else is great :)
  2. Honestly I don't think you need to upgrade anything unless you get a SSD, and even then. SSD's are just more of a hassle at that point, as you have to move everything.
  3. Yea SSD if anything. Just got to deal with the migration of files.
  4. Your itch to upgrade is more of a WANT than a NEED. You have a great system... if I were in your shoes, the only upgrade I would do is install an SSD.

    When you say "... or should I just wait till next-gen comes out?" I take it you mean CPU/chipset. Even then, the i7-970 is still a powerful processor on X58 chipset. You should only upgrade if the hardware isn't copping with your tasks.
  5. ^ What they said :)
  6. just curious, and sorry if I accidently hijack thread, but what is the biggest advantage of an SSD?
  7. ^ It's mindblowing speed. Imagine your computer booting up in 7-10 seconds. Imagine all of your game's loading time to be less than 2 seconds. Imagine transferring HUUUUUUUUUGE files IN seconds haha!
  8. i know the itch but....
    intel is launching their haswell next year,
    amd is launching their 8000 series early next year,
    and hard disks are going to come with helium, which means more storage in the same drive more stability and maybe more speed, if u want as ssd just go and get it but, waiting till next year is worth the wait....
  9. Exemery said:
    just curious, and sorry if I accidently hijack thread, but what is the biggest advantage of an SSD?

    The biggest advantage as arzbhatia has said "mindblowing speed"

    Once you go SSD, you never HDD again :D The only claims (advantages) an HDD has over an SDD is PRICE and CAPACITY (e.g. $100 for 120GB SSD will buy 1TB HDD). Other than that, SSD's performance is miles ahead, has excellent shock resistance (data not lost if you drop it on hard surface), silent because of no moving parts, low power consumption etc.

    But since price and capacity are issues with SSDs, we pair them to work with HDDs, using the latter for data storage and some software installs.
  10. Yea I would'nt spend anything just yet. That system will hold you over until next gen graphics...

    Keep the money you have set aside now and build a new rig when the 780 or equiv comes out...

    Your system is well balanced and all your components will age together..... If you upgrade one thing now you'll throw that balance off and end up with a substandard system in the future....

    But yea an SSD is fairly cheap with excellent gains....
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