My GPU works at 86% activity ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone my HD 6870 which used to work @ 300Mhz in idle, now works @ (900, 1050) just once the computer starts even after shutdown start and it never goes idle and the heat stays @ 80-85?!!!
Any solution for this please?!!!!
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  1. Processor?
  2. No, the processor goes idle normaly, @ 800Mhz (Phenom ii x4 955)
  3. Well, thanks anyway if anyone tried to help :), but i found a svchost.exe was using the video card, and when i checked the location it was "program files/java", i deleted the folder and now everything is ok, but i dont know what the hell was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. My take on java is that if you don't need it, uninstall it.
  5. Regor245 said:

    lol at this one. great attempt at helping
  6. Sounds like a virus. Run some anti-virus program to see if there's anything else there.
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