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Buying VGA and PSU


I have 46 inch CX520 Series Full HD BRAVIA LCD TV and want to buy a VGA Card and PSU for this build

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7200
4GB Ram Kingston

My budget is around 140$.Will it be okay for gaming on TV with this build, does it require High end bulid or this will do the job? I am not a hardcore gamer but I just need to run most of games with good performance (Textures and FPS ) on my TV ,So what are my best choices with that ?!

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  1. Well, do you need a power supply now? Or does your current computer already have one? Because if it does, chances are your computer does not need one, as you could just get a card that runs on that power supply.
  2. Actually , I don't have PSU for that build.
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    Well, you can go for a basic power supply, like so:

    And then use the other money to get a video card:
  4. You should really squeeze extra $15 and get this card instead:

    It's much more powerful and is certainly worth the money,
  5. Definitely.
  6. Okay ,I thought about them too.
    But I am worried how will this build perform on TV ? would it be fine for gaming?
  7. Screen size doesn't have any effect on the performance - resolution does. And Full HD is pretty much a norm for gaming today, so it will do fine. It will play most games on high settings, but on really demanding ones you'll have to drop to medium (like Battlefield 3).
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  9. Thanks for the good news , just what I needed :)

    One last thing: Do you know good articles so I can read more about relation between screen size,resolution and required gear/spec?
  10. None that I can immediately think of, but just think of it in terms of cars.

    A Chevy Suburban with the 6.2L V8 is pretty slow because of the weight, but you stick that V8 into a Corvette, and you have a really fast car.

    That's kinda how resolution and graphics cards go together. The higher the resolution, the more pixels the card has to drive. The more powerful the card, the easier it is.

    The 7770 should be nice for 1080P.
  11. I called and found only this model is available of HD 7770,would you recommend it?

    Thanks for the hint :)
  12. It's a great model, but newegg has it overpriced. If where you buy it it's cheaper - go for it - it's a great card.
  13. I hope its not at that price, because that's way way too much for a 7770. But that is a good version.
  14. @Deemo13 @Sunins
    LOL , I am not buying from Newegg as its service is not available in my country.The card is sold here in a local retail shop for around 142$ , Good deal ?!
    Thanks for confirming it is a good version :)
  15. Which country do you live in? :P It depends whether it's good price on it or not.
  16. @Sunius hahah , Like this smile you posted [ :P ] , I live in Egypt.
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