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Hello, :hello:
This is my first post so here we go. I have a Sony Vaio F series with 4gb ram and an nvidia geforce 310m independant graphics card. I have some computer knowledge.... My laptop keeps shutting down when im playing games like WOW or SC2 or even browser based games like CandC Tiberium Alliance and I have also noticed that the graphics settings for texture filtering was recommended as low(Starcraft 2)....this is weird because according to the game, a graphics card that is 256mb should be at medium and 128 should be for low. I have the most recent driver for the card as well.

Second Problem: This is why i really think somethings up...when i have a second monitor connected i can go to display and have them both set to the native reslution with is 1600x900...if i restart the computer while the second monitor is connected, the laptop monitor will be set automaticlaly to like 1480x....and wont even give me the opiton to putting it at 1600x900. I have to disconnect the second monitor, hit detect...and it seems to reset the options to give me 1600x900.

Things i have done.

I thought it might be over heating so i made sure i had adequate circulation. It even happens when i have the A/C on.

When was playing SC2 today in the middle of a battle my laptop shut down. Sometime it blue screens but thats when i have the second monitor connected.

If you need any other info, let me know and i'll do my best to get it for ya
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  1. hi,
    check if it's overheating using hwmonitor or similar software where you can see gpu temperature. bellow 85c is ok(when gaming,idel around 50c). i have same 310m vga with 2gig ram it's been stressed to it limits still working fine . it works mostly 24/7 and i have played hours crysis 1 and 2 ,half life all episodes, fallout3,nfs shift ect ect ect obviuosly not in maximum settings (this is just a entry level vid card just above intel one's). still didn't get a single unsolvable problem . of cause i had bsod's several times but very rare due to software errors .
    since this is just a entry level vid card when i stress it, i always monitor temperatures both on gpu and cpu closely maintaining above limit to maximum 85c . i have even gone to 95c on cpu and 90c on gpu but still it worked fine,
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