Help with my newbuild

Hi needing a bit help with my pc it works fine while browsing/running programs ect but gaming is sometimes choppy and it always freezes ingame about 5 mins in with sound loop,until I do a hard reboot :confused:

2x4gb gskill ripjaws x ddr3 1333mhz
Lga 775 e6600 c2d
msi g41m-p25
xfx 8800gt
500w casecom psu----don't know if this is the cause

Things I have tried

used a friends psu was another el cheapo 450w but still the same freezing ingame
used his 8800gtx still the same freezing
used his psu and gfx card still freezeing
used a 8800gt that hasn't got a 6 pin connector still the same
ran memtest for several hours no issues
prime 95 no issues
hardware monitor all components ok temps

is this ram compatable with skt 775?
or could it be the cheap power supply
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  1. you do not have a hardware problem, you have a software problem
    Most likely with the graphic card driver

    which you should update to the latest version after removing all traces of that one

    Or with DirectX
  2. Have you tried the same game on his computer and see if it might not be the hardware? Also check to see if you have the latest drivers.
  3. got the latest drivers from NVidia, all my games freeze steam games, ea origin games, and games installed from disk....thanks
  4. I don't know what it is at this point, would need to run diagnostics. Might be worth it finding someone good with DXDIAG who can tell whats wrong.
  5. Huh, check you hdd with diagnostics tools from manufacturer. For Western Digital it's data lifeguard diagnostics 1.24
  6. nope its fine , I have used a few HDDs and new installs of windows 7/windows 8 and its still the same...thanks
  7. Well that leaves mobo as suspect.
  8. putting in a rma today, thanks...hope this sorts things
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