22" Philips 202P45 ?

I am looking for a 22" CRT, and had narrowed it down to the follwing:-

1. Mitsubishi 2070SB-BK
2. NEC FP2141
3. Sony G520

I recently heard about the 22" Philips 202P45. It has good specs. Anyone have one? What's it like?

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  1. I heard it wasn't very good.
  2. That´s not true, I own one and I can honestly say its very good. It can display 1600x1200 in 100hz with a top res of 2046x1536 in 80hz. It´s a perfectly flat Trinitron tube so the picture is sharp and clear.
  3. Could you post a link where I can find the specs of that monitor please. Only one that I see at the site of philips is the 202P40.
  4. It´s the same one "45" just means that its silver grey instead of white "40".
  5. I've had a 109p40 until today. I urge you not to buy one. It's a long story. The first one I had, had major convergence errors. The next as well and was fuzy. The next looked like it was thrown down a cliff, even the cheapest monitors were better than that one. I switched it for a new one 5 or 6 times until Philips gave in a gave me a refund. I've been in contact with guys here in The Netherlands who had the same problem. One of them was given a 202P40 because of all the troubles. That one also had all kinds of convergence and focus errors.

    And Philips' service stinks, at least it does here. The repair service turnes the thing on and when it displays an image it is approved. Some of the monitors I got from the repair service (you get used and repaired monitors when your original monitor is a certian age) were sooooo bad, so fuzzy, it was terrible.

    But, there is something very strange going on here. I just bought an Eizo T766 19" CRT. See the twelve CRT monitors review of march 19 2002 in the display guide. The Eizo there is considered very well. I have the sucessor of that model and still I have focus and convergence errors. I'm starting a new topic here about it.
  6. With all of these monitors have you used the same VGA cable? At work we have sometimes have simlar problems at work, monitors will suddnly become blured with convergence errors especialy when staff move their offices about, the solution is to throw a new VGA cable on.

    Row like mortals, think like gods.
  7. In my other post (subjes Eizo T766) I've explained it in more detail.

    I've used (on the philips's) different cables. It didn't help. But are you saying that this cable, which came with the monitor, is possibly no good? Also, would a BNC cable be better, even if on the other end of the cable there's still a sub-d 15?
  8. It should be fine but it's not unknown for a a 'dead' cable to be supplied, as for BNC there is little if any gain in image quality if the source is 15 VGA. Personaly I use fairly expencive VGA cables as a matter of course, though people have say there's no gain I find the image is slighly cleaner from around 1600x1200 up.

    Row like mortals, think like gods.
  9. But is "dead" completely dead, or can "dead" cables cause errors like the ones I have?
  10. Halfgaar, this problem of yours rather seem to be a vidcard problem than Monitor problem. I have had similar problems with my 202P4 monitor and others were the monitor got blurry. I fixed it by simply reinstalling the vidcard drivers. The 202P4 is Philips top of the line monitor, they don´t have any better and mine works like a dream. Also be very sure that you have the Monitors correct driver installed. And if that doesnt work change the VGA cable. Also be very sure you have no magnetic interference, like large loudspeakers nearby that distorts the monitor.
  11. The 109P40 was also the highest 19" they had. And I wasn't the only one with problems. But I doubt it's my videocard or the drivers or speakers or anything. I've placed it on a desk at another computers a few meters away. Same problem. The problem is the same in Linux and Windows. Even in textmode (which doesn't require drivers). The cable could still be an option, although I can hardly imagine how a faulty cable will give focus/convergence problems in only a few parts of the screen. I've connected a monitor once with a very very bad cable and the result was ghosting, weak colors and a bit fuzzy all over the screen. The problem I have is localized in some corners. But as soon I can get my hands on a different cable I'll try.
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