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If multiple PC's are connecting to the same router but not all of the PC's are wireless N capable, will the wireless be broadcast differently for each PC? Or will it be broadcast in the configuration that all of the PCs are capable of receiving? I have heard different answers for this and was just curious before I spend money on upgrading to a N router from a G router if it will be broadcasting the same as it is now. Thanks.
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    Not it's not different,all of them can connect to N but the non-N models will work slower
  2. Hmm ok I have been told both. I have been told that if any devices connected are not N capable then the signal will not be broadcast in N, and thus, would not be beneficial for me to upgrade from my old G router if it will just be broadcast in G. You are 100% sure I can still benefit from the N even if they can't?

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  3. Like I said,they'll work fine but will operate at slower speeds if they aren't N-capable
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