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Hey there! I'm a new guy here. I've built a few gaming rigs over the past few years but I am now aiming at something entirely different: the idea of buying micro PC parts to create a PC that can be run in everyday items (such as a hollowed out old book: see this for an example).

I am looking for ideas or links that can point me in the right direction to get started.

Ideally, this is something could sit on the shelf of my entertainment system and use the HDMI cable and an OS (like Ubuntu for instance) to play movies from either the HDD or a USB flash drive. If it is placed in something small enough I could make it appear as if it were just another household item on the shelf, completely concealing the goodies that power everything.

Hit me with your suggestions/thoughts.

Thanks, and peace. :)
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  1. well...

    you could go the raspberry pi/similar android devices route. the pricing starts at $35 and goes upwards of about $200ish from what i've seen. some you could look up include the raspberry pi, android 4.0 mini pc, cotton candy, panda board, beagle board, etc.


    you could go with a mini-itx FM2 build. think of the possibilities there. granted, cooling may become an issue if it's in a book...
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