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i am new to building my own desktops. i did a farir amount of research here on toms harware before buying but i dont think i did enough. Maybey im being ocd but from what ive been told this thing should be faster that it is. im running a asrock fatal1ty 990fx pro mobo, fx8350 cpu, gskill ripgaws x 2133 memory, gtx 670 ftw, wd velociraptor hdd, and supernova 1500w psu. the cpu is also getting hot from what ive read and it has a aftermarket cooler, it stays cool if im not doing anything but looking at the temps but is aroud 33c and when i stress test it it skyrockets to 60c which is where i shut it off. prime 95 also gives me error codes on random cores. any feed back would be appreciated.
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  1. That is normal for ivy bridge. The core failure thing might not be the cpu's fault. Have you tried gaming yet? Once you put some benchmarks up I can say if there is a problem.
  2. 3d mark was 3177 and pc mark was 3607
  3. which 3d mark? Try using a game, it is a little different depending on the version. So post something like metro.
  4. i used 3d and pcmark 11 advanced with a resolution fo 1920x1080. i have also used the evga benchmark scanner with no better results. evga was around 20-30 fps. gird will play with slim to moderate freazing and tearing, skirim the same and assassins creed just fine.

    i have not oc'd the cpu yet because of the heat issue. i had looked up the max temps on amds website and there was nothing posted, other fx processers like the zambi was at 60 so i figured it would be a safe bet.

    i hope this answered your ?
  5. Oops I forgot you have a vishera, but I am pretty sure that those are still normal temps, never seen a cpu that has a max temp below 60. do you have fraps? Download that or play a benchmark. Also, was it 3dmark11?
  6. 60 was what amds website gave for a temp on the fx8150. when i looked there was no stats for the 8350. it was 3dmark11. i do not have fraps. 3dmark 11 had me at the most 20fps and as low as 7fps if thats what you mean by playing a bench mark?
  7. Now I meant playing a benchmark from a game ie metro 2033, but after knowing it was 3dmark11, I think there is something wrong with your gpu.
    on that list the lowest 670 had about 64fps. Even with your weaker cpu, as I am sure they are using a 3770, should only score a few frames less. You are scoring in the 7750 range, which might that you are using integrated, and not the actual card. Check to make sure all drivers are installed properly.
  8. i did get a benhmark and ran it through a game.. grid was the worst so i crnked up all the setting as high as they would go and the fram rate never dropped below 60 but still froze.. im thinkin that may be my hdd. and the gpu being bad would make sense because it will not oc at all if i touch anything it crashes. my mother board and cput dont support intergrated graphics and went to all the manufactures websites i made sure i had all the drivers were up to date and installed correctly. im going to try a different gpu and get an ssd to see if it helps im hoping for the best.
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