Xbox controller on one screen, mouse and keyboard on the other?

I'm wondering if this has ever been tried... Or if it's even plausible to do...

Can I game on one screen (windowed full screen or otherwise) while someone else uses my computer on the other screen(via mouse and keyboard)?

I would have an HDTV set up with my pc monitor, where on the tv I would run a game while my girlfriend runs her office apps (or Facebook or anything) on the other screen without us interfering with the others activity.

Any thoughton the matter? :hello:

Edit: it seems like the problem I'm asking to be solved is almost exactly like the answer this guy has created... But it seems like its only exclusive to this game...

Help me!
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  1. Never heard of that being done, and I don't think it's possible unless you can find a way to run two instances of your OS on the same machine. Doesn't mean it's impossible, though - I've never really looked into it.
  2. Hmm... Anyone elsegot any ideas?
  3. HALP
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