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hi there guy i am new here and i have some question to ask the pro here,
my rig currently running a EVGA GTX 580 3GB and i want to add another GTX 580 3gbs in however i cant find anywhere that sell the card at all so i look and my other option is the zotact gtx 580 3 gbs with same clock speed.
i just wonder is it possible for me to sli 2 difference brand card together? or it have to be exactly same brand same model? or is there any other way that will let me sli ? and is it possible to sli 680 and 580 together?
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  1. the main restriction to the SLi is the GPU model, if both GPUS are the same (580x580, 680x680) it will work, the other 2 main restrictions are, Memory restriction (both will run with the lower memory size) and than Clock frequency (for better performance synchronize the clocks), so you can SLI with different brands yes, and if both have the same memory and same clocks you will not have any problems, even if the clocks were a little different it would have worked, you can also use programs like MSI afterburner to sync clocks if you want to overclock both.

    Short answear: Yes, it will work.
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