Nvidia and Radeon on same MoBo

Hello, I am hoping that somebody out there can help me. I am a graphic artist and have a PNY Nvidia Quadro 4000 for design/wortk, and a Radeon HD 7990 for games and play. I'm not looking to use them both at the same time. My MoBo is an Asus P8Z77 V Premium 32gb Patriot Viper 3 ocz vertex 3 120 ssd 1tb wd black seasonic platinum 1000 psu
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  1. I've never heard of such a thing being possible. I guess you will just have to swap each card out whenever you game/edit.
  2. Thank you.. I've been reading threads and posts all over about running AMD and Nvidia on the same board and I see some have had success but, the specifics are paper thin.
  3. Well, I was planning on trying to run my 6950 and my GTX460 on the same board. I haven't tried it yet, but my idea, similar to yours, was to have a nicer card for gaming and a card with CUDA for...well...CUDA.
  4. No you cant LOL, they are from different companies.
  5. I would think you could use two, but you'd have to have two monitors, or switch back and forth between monitors. Usually people go with one company though, I do remember back a hybrid type mobo tech where you could use two graphics cards from different companies, I do not remember the specifics though, generally, it's a bad idea, and you get into trouble with drivers not playing nice.
  6. It may be possible. I found this, http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/352410-33-workstation-gaming-card-machine and it seems it will depend on the motherboard. If you monitor has say 2 HDMI inputs, I would plug each card into a monitor input, and then switch the input and see what you get and what happens. You can also switch to one cards input and just disable the other one in the device manger. I'm sure if one of the cards is disabled, the nvidia control panel or amd one will complain, so disable them from starting on startup and start which one you need manually when that card is selected.

    The best thing to do is try and see what happens. You may have to do some manual stuff like switching inputs and disabling a device, but it's not like you'll be going back and forth from gaming to design work like 50 times a day.

    Sometimes you just have to try stuff and see what happens. It may work flawfully for you because you had the nvidia card in first, then the amd or vice versa or some perfect storm combination of cards, driver, motherboard, etc. There are too many variables to say without just doing it and playing around with drivers, settings, and things.
  7. i know you can use an amd card and have a dedicated physx nvidia card... but that is all i know
  8. neon neophyte said:
    i know you can use an amd card and have a dedicated physx nvidia card... but that is all i know

    Yea but you need to disable the dedicated.
  9. hmm? no u dont. you can have an amd card as the dedicated and an nvidia card as a dedicated physx card at the same time
  10. That'd suggest you could use the AMD card for normal graphics card purposes and use the nvidia unit as a compute unit, I figure. You monitor would remain connected to the AMD card.
  11. i was thinking it could be possible. never done it though. i do know that i could be using my gtx285 with my 6950, gtx 285 being a dedicated physx card
  12. I"ve been searching high and low to try and find a way to set up this configuration of mayhem.. A couple of things that I was wondering is, does it make a difference that the Quadro is PCIE 2.0, and not 3.0? Is there maybe a way to differentiate the slots in BIOS??
    I may ask stoopid questions because I'm not a seasoned pro but, I'm learning and appreciate any and all help..
  13. shouldnt make a difference. 2.0 works fine on 3.0
  14. 2.0 works just fine with 3.0
  15. Here"s my build so far,

    Asus P8Z77 V Premium or Pro, I7 3770k, 32gb Intel Masters Limited Edition Patriot Viper 3 1866ghz (If it's got tits & a nice tight ass or anything shiny electric blue my head spins on a swivel) 120gb OCZ vertex 3, WD 1tb Caviar black, Power Color Radeon HD 7990 (Yup, the biggin but not the devil) Seasonic Platinum 1000 in a Cooler Master Storm Trooper case custom paint (prayed by your's truely) Hyper metalic flake silver & Kandy Blue House of Kolors Paint all done in Ohlin's Honor & Memory. Just so it's known this build is not just any pc, it's a Memmorium, Hence the name Ohlin Rising.
  16. So, still back at square one kinda.
    I had a thought, a thought only. If the Q4 is installed in the MoBo in it's respective slot, what if I was to run the power from a seperate psu and basicly switch the power to the gpu"s? I've got spair parts that I could use. BTW, if you order a PSU from Amazon and they send you an Asus Premium does it make a sound?
  17. The Q4 is physix as well but not dedicated, it shares the same open gl platform as does the hd.
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