Crysis 2 Ultra setting

Will this computer run Crysis 2 on ultra??
AMD Phenom X6 1100T Black Edition 6 Core 3,3 Ghz 8 GB Ram and MSI Geforce GTX 570 1280 MB Physx PCI-Express 2.0 Twin Frozr II

If not what will this computer be able to run it in??
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  1. Barely

    The Ultra setting requires that you install the DX11 patch.

    For "true" Ultra, you will also need to install the HD textures

    Installing the HD textures requires a minimum of 1024MiB of SGRAM, you have 1280.

    Either way. Crysis 2 can be acquired on the cheap, and it's also a very well designed game. It's worth playing even if you have to turn the settings down a bit
  2. Do you already have the computer or have you not bought it yet? That is an alright computer, but ultra might be pushing it.

    It also depends on the resolution you are playing.
  3. I can do Ultra on a 1090T @3.8 and 670Gtx. Although this video card is a bit better all I have to go on. Just saying the CPU can do it 570 will be right on the edge though.

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