System Worth

Wondering how much I could sell my system for.

Motherboard - EVGA 780i SLI
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
RAM - 8GB DDR2 PC2-6400 OCZ
VIDEO - Radeon HD 5850
CASE - Coolermaster HAF 900

DVD & Blu-ray drives, 800W PSU

No hard drives.
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  1. In USD? I think that you could get maybe $300-550 for it, but I'm not an expert on putting prices on systems and IDK for sure.
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    You'd be very fortunate to get $350 USD out of that system. I'd ask that and see what bites you get. Also, what kind of condition is everything in? Have you kept it dust/lint free and clean? How many estimated hours of usage? Was that CPU overclocked? Keep in mind that CPU architecture is nearly six years old now (hard to believe it's been that long).

    This is one of those things where you have to find the right buyer (and who either can't or doesn't want to build his/her own inexpensive brand new quad core rig around AMD's chips for just another couple hundred). In any event, good luck! I decided to hold on to my four year old E8400 4.2GHz overclock build after finding out how little I'd realistically get for was worth it to me to keep as a backup rig.
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