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Hello, I have been thinking of purchasing a gaming PC for a very long time now and I think it's time to go through with it. Since January of this year, I have been planning to purchase a gaming PC on Black Friday. My build has changed a lot from then so I need your help in rating my proposed build and making changes to it. This would be my first build/computer ever so I do need a lot of help. Here's a brief overview of me. I'm a 14 and a freshman in high school. I enjoy computers and I think it would be an awesome experience building one. I plan to use the PC for gaming, schoolwork, surfing the web, and editing photos/videos. Since it's my first PC, I will need a new monitor, OS, keyboard and mouse. I think I need help on deciding the mobo, hdd, ram and psu.

Approx. Purchase Date: Black Friday

Budget Range: Less than $1350

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Preferred Websites/Places for Parts: 1) Actual MicroCenter Store 2) 3) 4)

Selected Parts:





RAM: 1.5v: or 1.65v:



CPU Cooler:





How is the build overall? Feel free to make any recommendations/changes! I would love reccomendations for a mouse, keyboard and especially with the monitor. I have a question about the Ram which is it better to have 1.65v or 1.5v?
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  1. You can get away with a 550w psu, I would invest in a msi 670 pe.
  2. This is the build I'm gonna get once I get the money
    It will give you more performance, plus a moniter. Except no ssd, since I don't mind waiting less loading times. So I took the ssd money and put it into the 670.
  3. sitbar said:
    You can get away with a 550w psu, I would invest in a msi 670 pe.

    Can you link to a good psu and the specific card?
  4. sitbar said:

    I'm thinking of sticking with the 660 ti. Can you suggest a psu that's a bit more quiet and still pretty cheap
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