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I'm going to buy the graphics card for my new build and I have absolutely no idea where to start. I'm looking for a graphics card that is around 200$ and a can do crossfire/SLI with it. Thanks for everything in advance.
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  1. Wait thats newegg canada.
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  3. I suggest the same as above, Sapphire HD 7850 2GB.

    I dont believe you should spend more than $200 for an HD 7850 because with $230 you can buy a GTX 660 which is better (and with $250 HD 7870 which is even better :P ), so stick with the Sapphire.
  4. Wait a couple of days maybe, lots of talk about price drops because of the new GTX660 non ti.
  5. I've got a lot of recommendations for the GTX 660. Would it be a significant increase in performance between the 7850 in crossfire vs the GTX 660 in SLI?
  6. You're gonna sli/crossfire right away or later on ? I mean if you're gonna sli now it's better to get a higher end single solution than the sli way.

    660 is better than the 7850.

    7870 is a bit better than 660 and will drop in price maybe, when that one becomes cheaper or same price than the 660 that is the better choice then.

    Difference is now $10, so . . . ( cheapest 7870 $240, cheapest 660 $230 )
  7. Thanks everyone.
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