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Well, here goes, first post on Tom's. I am looking to upgrade to a better setup. I know my current mobo and tower are pretty well maxed out. I do have a tower to put new components into. My current setup is a Dell Dimension 5100 desktop, upgraded the cpu to a Pentium D 945 3.4Ghz, installed a gforce 210(1gb), and added 3gb of ddr2 ram. Now seeing as how it has the J0885 (if I remember correctly) mobo, it is at it's max as far as cpu goes, i could add another gb of ram, but i think it's pointless at this stage of it's life. My goal is to build something that will run World of Warcraft at a reasonable rate. I do not need something that is going to put out 60 fps at all times, seeing as how i'm used to seeing anywhere from 10 fps (25m LFR) up to 70 fps (in outlying areas of course). Graphics quality aren't a big concern either, all I really want to see is good viewing distance with projected textures enabled. Budget is extremely tight, and by tight I mean as low as possible. I'm very interested in the new amd trinity series apu's, particularly the A8-5600K. My concern is that the onboard graphics (radeon 7560D) will not be able to handle things properly. Any input would be greatly appreciated, now i do know that a higher budget will yield better gaming results, but, it is what it is. Wifey is not too impressed that i want to build something anyhow. Thanks Tom's community :)
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    The graphics is on-die as in built into the CPU die for AMD's APUs such as the A8-5600K, not on-board like with many older integrated graphics solutions.

    The A8-5600K's graphics would be a huge upgrade over your system and so would its CPU performance. It should handle World of Warcraft excellently if you're not looking for a high-end graphics experience. I can play that game just fine on even a garbage Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics solution from several years ago (with a low resolution and minimal graphics settings, but hey, it's playable) and the A8-5600K is many times faster than it.

    What do you think of this build? It's slightly under $343 and should play World of Warcraft well at any common resolution. I threw in an A10-5800K since you were feeling a little iffy about the A8-5600K. The A10 is significantly faster in graphics performance and a little faster in CPU performance.
  2. Thanks for the response! That's pretty similar to what i had in mind. Here is a link to the build I put together:

    I won't need a optical drive, i do have one of those as well.
  3. Don't use any PSU that comes with a case. They're garbage PSUs that are potentially hazardous to your computer's reliability. Just because it has a higher wattage rating does not make it better. The VP-350 is far better than that 400W PSU that comes with the case and I really mean far better.
    See here:
    The Rosewill that comes with that case is a piece of crap in the last tier, tier 5, whereas the VP-350 is in the above-average quality tier 2b. The VP-350 also can put out more power than that Rosewill 400W despite having a lower rating.

    Don't use single channel memory with that system and especially don't get anything slower than DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24. Single channel memory will hurt gaming performance a lot on a build that uses an APU and the same is true with using low speed memory (this is one of the few situations where memory performance is extremely important). I also recommend getting 8GB instead of 4GB because it's so cheap, but that's me.
  4. awesome info, thank you! The case i have is a little older, but still viable i do believe, its a Thermaltake Xaser V (blue edition). So, with some amendments how does this look:
  5. It looks alright to me now. Glad to help.
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  7. Thank you very much Blazorthon. your input is much appreciated :D
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