Clueless guy seeking good video card for computer

Hello everyone~

I currently own a Gateway 4831-05 computer see: ( I am currently going to buy "Borderlands 2" and I was wondering what would be a new good graphics card for me to buy that wont hurt the wallet- also would there be any pre-requisites I would have to take care of as well. Thanks!

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  1. Hi.

    What power supply do you have and how big is your wallet. Yours could be hurt later than mine ( or sooner )
  2. I'm not entirely sure what supply it is (it's the one that came with the computer)

    -Is there any way I can check this (if necessary)?
  3. You can open the case and look at the label on the supply. Didn't find it on the net, i'll look again.
  4. Yes sir! I am looking for something that can run borderlands 2 smoothly. So what do ya think? Thanks again!
  5. Assuming it is ; it has a 300W psu ( power supply ) so the best you can use is a HD7750. Doesn't really hurt the wallet also.

    You will have to look inside the case to see if there is enough room for a double slot card ( it doesn't use two slots from the motherboard but does use the space because of the fan. There are low profile cards to if you don't have much space ( and that could be the case looking at the pictures )
  6. Yeah there is definitely a lot of room in the case- I just opened it up (where the fan is on my current card [on that side] there is a lot of room)

    do you mean the AMD radeon hd7750?
  7. Yeah, one of the cards i gave the link for.
  8. which one would you personally select? (sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions but I'm really not sure)
  9. Thanks a lot for all your hep buddy :D
  10. oh, one last question: My power supply isnt going to blow up or anything when I use this ASUS card right?
  11. No 100% guarantee with the lower brand psu ( just finished a thread were a 450W didn't hold up longer than 1 day, but i've also seen people with 250W running the card.)

    It all depends on quality, age, if it's stressed a lot in the past etc etc.

    To be a bit more safe you could check the amperes on the +12V rail ( on the label on the psu )

    If you really wanna be 100% safe you could buy a good psu for around 35-50 bucks.

    The Asus is less overclocked than the XFX so would be the safer choice i think. Or maybe one running at normal speed ;
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