What frames will i get with a Lenovo y580

hi i was wondering what framerates i will get on most modern games with a lenovo y580? it has an i7 3610qm and a Nvidia GTX 660m.
at 1920x1080 &

along with that what do you think about the computer. is it a worth while investment?
quick answers will be much appreciated!!! :)
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  1. That's too much of an open ended question to answer. It depends on the game as much as the pc components. For example, Napoleon total war runs great at max settings on my nvidia rig, but on a slightly higher spec'd radeon system it performs horribly and everything has to be turned down to low. Other games give the exact opposite.
  2. Games like bf3, crysis 2.... First person shooters alOng those lines.
  3. Another question i have is how is the lenovo y580 as an overall gaming laptop?
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