New build crashed randomly.

I just built the computer, Specs as follows:

AsRock Z77 Extreme 4
Samsung 830 Series

I was playing League of Legends, all of a sudden, the game froze up, monitor graphics went berserk, and the computer crashed. Said windows has encountered a fatal error or system error. What happened? Would it be my motherboard, CPU, or what?
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  1. Are you kiddin? You cant even turn on your computer with these, lame...
  2. with a new build start by making sure the mb bios has all the updates and that the ssd firmware is up to date. with the ssd firmware be care full some firmware updates will wipe the data off the ssd. I would then use cpu-z check your ram speed and timing. a lot of new builds forget to put the mb ram speed into xmp mode. as the pc crashed in a game it crashed under stress.
    so the two thing we want to zoom into is heat and or power issue. what the video card of the pc and the wattage of the power supply and it brand. it could be that the ps is fine under normal load but cant handle the pc in games. the other issue is the cpu or gpu could have gotten hot. check the fans and run a open hardware monitor to check there temps. make sure in the mb cmos the cpu fan is set right so it speeds up under load. also check your idle temps and run prime 95 and see that your cpu heat sink was install right and under load it staying cool. most new builders sometime dont get the stock intel cooler on right. there idel temps will be in the 50c range and real hot under load.
  3. kelvin08113 Seem's like you dont have a brain. OBVIOUSLY thats not my full build.

    Smorizio, I'm just using onboard graphics with the CPU, and My PSU is a Corsair CX600, I also have a CM Hyper 212 Evo so it's around 39 celcius normal,
  4. check that you have the updated bios for the mb. may be cpu or ram code issue on your mb. i would see if you can change the amount of ram for the ipgpu to the mb max. also check that you have xmp profile turned on for the memory and it running at the right speed. (cpu-z). it it is it may be that you stressed the ipgpu so much it locked up.
  5. I was only playing League of Legends, my computer is always at 41Celcius when playing that game, first time out of the whole month it did that, I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary though is what I don't understand...
  6. Firefox crashes a lot as well! Idk what the deal is...
  7. LOL I'm joking hahahahha. btw, can you post your full specs?
  8. I just installed my replacement CPU same core etc, and now my screen had a blue like bunch of pixels over the screen, and firefox kept crashing, ughhh
  9. I had that problem with my build and it turned out to be a bad stick of RAM. Let memtest86+ run overnight and see if it picks up anything.
  10. The blue pixel stuff or firefox stuff or the crash? It's just depressing me cause I literally spent a grand on all this and its messing up on me. I thought I did a good job building it aswell, the new CPU makes my load temps 31 Celsius with the Hyper 212 Evo. But is it bad for my core temps to differ a lot? Say Core 1 : 20 Celsius, Core 2 : 28 Celsius, Core 3 : 18 Celsius, Core 4 : 30 Celsius?
  11. The random crashing. RAM can make it look like everything has a problem because everything runs in RAM - drivers, apps, programs, games -everything!

    I built a new system and it would crash about twice a day doing random things. At first I thought it was GPU driver, then I thought I had a bad CPU, and I updated my BIOS and drivers, etc. I even ran a "short" memory test and it seemed fine. But then after another week of it, I finally ran a long 24 hour memtest and found a few faults in one stick. RMA'd them and have been fine since.

    Memory errors can be bad news, because sometimes you might just have things like fade errors or an issue with every 3rd write and with 8GB of RAM you aren't going to write to that small bad area all the time.
  12. Do you know about the Core temperatures and the blue pixels on the screen? It only happened once.
  13. My computer crashed in the middle of playing League of Legends and said windows encountered a fatal error, and now My computer is just acting up BAD I had blue pixels appear in my screen, then mozilla firefox started crashing all the time, then mozilla thunderbird, to the point where I cant even start them up now, and now I keep getting Windows Startup errors, everything is going wrong! I just ran a Memtest and got up to 5.2 million errors!

    Check the picture please help me! I just spent 1000 dollars on this computer and now everything is going wrong!

    Is this problems with the CPU, the RAM or both, whats going on?!

  14. Okay, it is showing 5 million errors, I'd have a hard time believing the RAM is that bad. Can you try it with one stick at a time and see if you still get the errors in memtest?

    What are your memory timings in the BIOS? Can you show a screenshot of the memory tab from CPU-z?
  15. I did it one stick at a time and found the faulty stick but in one stick it gave me 2 CPU errors? I switched to 2 backup sticks and it's back to normal but now, I cant connect to the internet! IDK WTF is going on!

    It says the Diagnostic Policy Service is not running even when I tried manually starting it it gave me access denied.
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