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I was wondering if anyone could help me with deciding which parts i should use. Here is my original list: I would like any suggestions to be without mail-in rebate and under $550. I will be using this computer for gaming and various common tasks. I Do not plan to do crossfire or overclock my computer. I plan to buy very soon so please respond quickly before i do something stupid! :lol:
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  1. Here's a revision.

    Make sure to get the discounts before they end.

    P.S - The 550 Ti kinda sucks, the 7770 outperforms it, and the 6870 outperforms the 7770. If you really can't go over $550, get the 7770 instead.
  2. Don't get that crap Logisys PSU. Get something like this instead:

    That Rosewill Green isn't too much better than the Logisys either.

    Logisys makes garbage PSUs that shouldn't be trusted. Agreed with above on not getting the GTX 550 Ti, but I wouldn't get the 6870. The 7770 is extremely close to it in performance with current drivers (right on-par with it if you count some of the best 7770 models) and the 6870 is way to the 7850 1GB in price to be worth buying.
  3. Agree with the VP-450, it should be a better buy. Though I'll have to disagree that the Rosewill Green "isn't too much better than the Logisys", it has good value for its price and there are no known issues with it. It's a good budget PSU.

    About the 7770 vs 6870, I'll take your word for it. It's hard nowadays to find any benches including both cards with the modern catalysts.
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    That 7770 model is just about on-par with the 6870 while being under $120.

    Then I can go ahead and name at least three 7850s for ~$180:,109,81&sort=a5

    I'll see if I can find any current benchmarks, but like you said, they're hard to come by. However, I can find some old ones showing the best 7770s reaching for the 6870 even with Catalyst 12.3/12.4 and older, not that they're really necessarily be easy to compare.
  5. So, here is my new PC build list so far: if you notice i found a steal for a 7770 for $115 on eBay: it is in the custom parts list. For some reason i feel better buying the rosewill green. Be sure to tell me what you think
  6. The 7770 that I suggested is also $115 (it's actually 40 cents cheaper than the Ebay card) and it's a somewhat faster than that Ebay card.
  7. The Rosewill "Greens" have indeed reviewed well, but the VP-450 is better. It is efficient enough for 80+, but is disqualified for not having Active PFC.
    Logisys sells PSU-shaped objects that should never be attached to computer components if there is any possibility they will be connected to an AC power source at the same time.
  8. Then in that case i will use the VP-450. my only concern is that it says that NCIX is out of stock and i do not know if it will come in time.

    blazorthon: Sorry, i can't believe i didn't notice that!
  9. Multisupermono said:
    Then in that case i will use the VP-450. my only concern is that it says that NCIX is out of stock and i do not know if it will come in time.

    blazorthon: Sorry, i can't believe i didn't notice that!

    There are five other places to buy it from. The next up is Amazon which does have it in stock. It's a little more expensive there, but it's still quite a bit cheaper than that Rosewill unit.
  10. OK, that sounds good. I just found that the Gigabyte
    GV-R777OC-1GD is also out of stock!
  11. So, i guess i will be getting the eBay card. So now my question is on games like crysis 2, GTA 4, Battlefield 3, and Saints row 3 what the average FPS will be on this system:
  12. Well, that'll depend on the individual game and what situation within it you're playing (settings and game environment). I'd expect you to be able to max out the texture settings or nearly max them out for 1600x900 and play at decent settings in 1080p for BF3 and similarly intensive games while in both situations getting around 45-65FPS averages, but that's not a guarantee.
  13. I almost forgot to change the power supply to the VP-450! it seems the price is about $25 less then $550, so is there any part that can be upgraded by $25 to increase performance? Or do you think that this build is a go!
  14. Upgraded by $25... How about this 7770:
    It's even faster than the other model that I was suggesting earlier and is right at the $25 price hike that you asked for in an upgrade.
  15. So with Sapphire 11201-02-20G What kind of FPS would i get on...lets say GTA 4? To me GTA 4 is top priority!
  16. It'd be very roughly 20% higher than a reference Radeon 7770. I don't know exactly what you'd get. The best way to find that sort of information would be to look at benchmarks with current or at least recent drivers (if not current, the nlook at driver notes to see how performance changed in any game that you're looking at benchmarks for).
  17. What do you think of this: I decided to take out the wireless adapter and BOOM...a 7850 card!
  18. A 7850 is far superior to even the Sapphire 7770 11201-02-20G. I'd estimate its performance at about 30-40% higher than that of the Sapphire 11201-02-20G.
  19. So you think that the build is a go and i won't be bottlenecking or anything?
  20. There are always bottle-necks. With your build as it is now, we've all done as much as can be done within your budget and within reason to alleviate them. I think that it's ready to be bought now, at least unless you or anyone else can think of anything else.
  21. I am not sure i understand what you mean by "There are always bottle-necks". If you wouldn't mind explaining what you mean by this? and by the way thank you for your help so far!
  22. No matter what, the CPU, graphics, and such will always have their limits. For example, the 7850 still can't play with much MSAA (if any at all) in some games at 1080p when running at maxed texture settings.
  23. Thanks again for all you're help! I think i found my perfect computer thanks to you!
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  25. Glad to help.
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