Is my GPU fried? Problems with GTX 570 and 650w PSU

Hoping someone can help me out with this:

My PC started shutting down on its own today, and at one point it refused to turn back on; the mobo was still getting power, but when I tried to turn it on it would spin the fans for a second and then shut down.

I opened my baby up, reseated everything, and pulled out a whole bunch of matted cat hair out of the CPU, case, and GPU fans. Then I put everything back in, POST, same as before.

After a lot of yanking and pulling on things, I found that the system won't post if the GPU (evga gtx 570) is connected to the PSU through the right-hand 6-pin connector. I can plug one 6-pin connector into the left-hand plug on the GPU and the system will boot fine, but neither the Nvidia drivers or Windows will recognize the GPU (though its fans turn on). If both 6-pins are in, or just the right hand one is in, then the system won't post.

What's going on? Is my video card dead?

Antec Earthwatts 650
Phenom II X4 BE 3.4ghz
Evga GTX 570 1GB
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  1. Some VRM and/or power traces for the second power slot on the card may have been damaged. It's possible and based on the information provided, perhaps even likely, that the card is irreparably broken.
  2. It does sound like the video card is damaged.

    Long shots:
    1) take out the graphics card and see if it needs better cleaning near the 6-pin connectors

    2) Test in a different PC

    3) Try a different Power Supply
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