Skyrim FPS problem

I have a problem with the way the game runs.
Sometimes it works super smooth 50-60 FPS but other time it drops after a restart to 27-35 FPS and other problems with animations and lighting affects is there any way to fix this.

Spec are as follow
Intel I7-3610QM @ 2.30 GHZ
NIVIDA GTX 660M 2 Gs of Vram

PS I try setting power settings to high performance but it doesn't help.
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  1. Make sure your system is fully updated, drivers, chipset, gpu, etc
  2. It is.
    All drivers updated.
    PS its Alienware.
    Model: MX17X R4
  3. Those specs are good for a laptop but the 2.3Ghz CPU is holding you back. There was an article on Tom's about a year ago if you want to hunt it down but the conclusion was you need a 3Ghz Intel ( Sandy Bridge ) or 4Ghz AMD processor to max Skyrim. It's one of the few games that's processor biased.
  4. Let me add each mod (most graphics and textures, but other too) will quickly start taxing your system. IMO, that why I use a PC, but I add extra hardware for a better experience (without politically correct crippling). If you just want to play a fun game with a good story (albeit 3 year old graphics) go the console route. Most laptops are not made for true PC Gaming, regardless of the advertisements, else they'd be desktops and cost less.
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    Quick question, have you tried plugging the laptop in and see if that stabalizes the FPS?

    Also when you start lagging go into console and type PCB that should clear all previously loaded sectors to see if its just that area thats lagging or what.

    What settings are you running at?
  6. Normally Max res 1920*1080
    I get max FPS most of the time it seems to happen when I turn it on unplugged that this happens even if i plug it back in or turn power settings to max performance it still happens in Skyrim.
    PS the cpu is normally 2.3GHZ but it automatically when neede will overclock itself to 3.3GHZ.
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  8. could be psu or processor
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