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The primary use of my computer is surfing the internet. I have a monitor, and would like to connect the computer to my TV (60 inch LCD if that matters). I don't need Windows.

I live in California, and there is a MicroCenter within driving distance.

I prefer Intel, but I read the new AMD processors aren't too bad.
I would like a quad core but not too sure if I need it. It would be nice to have a quick computer though.
If possible I would like an SSD (heard its quick for bootup?) I would probably need a secondary hard drive if I get an SSD.

My budget is $400 but I can over spend a little bit (less is better of course!).
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  1. Any other uses? In all seriousness, a dual-core i3 or even a Pentium would be more than capable for just surfing the itnernet.
  2. I currently use my roommates Pentium D with 2 gigs of ram and its really slow.
    Sometimes I watch movies from his computer to my TV and it's pretty slow too.

    I also use DJ applications (Virtual DJ).
  3. 2gb of RAM is insufficient nowadays, especially with Windows 7.

    You can try getting a 4gb or even a 8gb RAM kit first and see if it helps with the slow performance. Make sure it's 1600MHz and CL9.

    This is what I tried out.
    Is there anywhere I can cut some corners?

    How big of an SSD I would need if I wanted to run it only to boot the computer?
  5. You can just get an A10-5800k and a matching FM2 motherboard so you won't need a GPU anymore.

    Pretty sure the APU's IGP is more or less better than the 6450.
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