Memory Interface ,I am little confused

I am going to buy an Graphics card ,It is radeon HD 5450
Memory Interface in this GPU is 64 Bit
My computer is MS Windows Ultimate 7 32 bit
So I am little confused
Can anyone solve my problem

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of GPU
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  1. Confused about what? The 5450 also has either 512MB or 1GB of ram, do you think you'll have more system ram? Don't worry about whats on the card.
  2. PC 32 bit and GPU 64 bit
    will it work on my pc
  3. GPU 1gb
  4. Memory interface on the gpu affects its memory bandwidth and is not something you need to worry about. it has nothing to do with the CPU or OS being 32 or 64 bit. whether the gpu is compatible with the rest of your system is another issue.

    If you intend to use that card for gaming there are much better choices, that card is extremely low end, on par with the HD3000 graphics in sandy bridge
  5. The two relate to different hardware, they will not be incompatible with each other.

    For instance, my Graphics card is 256bit, while my OS is 64bit.
    Also both arent even really the same thing, on GPU's the bits refers to the amount of bandwidth, while for an OS the bit refers to how much physical RAM it can use.
  6. Thank you for replying
    Will Sapphire HD 5450 work on my pc

    MS Windows Ultimate 7 32 bit
    Intel pentium Dual Core CPU @ 1Ghz
    2GB ram VIA Chrome 9

    For more information visit this website
    of GPU [...] Multicolor
  7. Yes, it will work.

    What do you mean 2GB via Chrome 9?

    Also 404 error on that link.
  8. VIA Chrome 9 HC 1GP WDDW 1.1
  9. Will it work manofchaik
  10. Did some quick research on that, from what I can tell its drivers for your integrated graphics. Has no bearing on RAM

    EDIT: Yes
  11. Thank You All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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