Take your pick.

I need to find a gpu to finalize my build.

asrock z77 extreme4, i5-3570k


MSI 7850 - 7870 - or 7950

$10 difference between them all.

Which is best stock for stock? oc for oc?

Need a card for max settings on gw2 and whatever else. Will most likely OC the card a bit down the road and possibly the cpu.

Also would a 600w be sufficient?

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  1. If there's a $10 difference the 7950 is the obvious choice
  2. ...and a quality 600W PSU is sufficient.
  3. where are you shopping that there is a 10$ difference between each card?
  4. hd 7950
  5. Wow, assuming those prices aren't a typo, get the HD7950.
  6. yeah, it seems to me that the 7850 and the 7870 are a little overpriced, while the 7950 is a bit under. It does have 12 dollars in shipping. The obvious choice however, is to get the 7950. It certainly outclasses the 78xx series, and for not much more money in this case.

    The 7950 should MSRP around $290, while the 7850 should MSRP around $200, with the new price cuts.
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