3rd gen GPU want help,is this worth buying?

hi frndz i want to ask that i am planning to buy i5 3550 which is 3rd gen,and want to buy only ZOTAC gtx550ti
which does not support pcie 3.0 where as i5 3550 processor does support pcie 3.0 so is this worth buying i5 3550 procs.and also motherboard which support pcie 3.0.
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  1. pci-e slots are backwards and forwards compatible. its okay to use a pci-e 2.0 card with a pci-e 3.0 cpu. its just that the computer will only register it at 2.0 lane speeds since its 2.0, but there isnt any real gain or loss in fps unless you have a sli/crossfire setup. the only thing i question is choice of cpu is far more expensive than choice of gpu, so if this is a gamer related build, its highly unbalanced as the gpu should normally be equal or more expensive than the cpu for the most balanced build.
  2. Don't a 550. Its rubbish. Get a 7850 if you are gaming or a 6850 to save cash. PCI-E 3 is irrelevant. Worth getting for the future though, the mobo I got was an H77M-D3H.
  3. Yes it is worth buying.
    There should be no issue running 2.0 card on 3.0 slot.
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