1 problem with my new build

Hey guys...
Made a build from help and tips from this site :-)
Getting good performance for my games and having NO problems with lag or frame rates...Except for 1!!!

Youtube...even on 380p it is lagging and takes ages for a video to load. Not sure why...

I got intel i3 3220, ASrock b75 pro3-m mobo, Sapphire 7770 Ghz edition 1gb, 2x4GB memory...

Everything else works fine except youtube! Does anyone know any potential reasons why its running slow? Im using chrome as my browser too...

Thanks in advance...
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  1. maybe your internet connection.....just saying
  2. All my games like BF3, DayZ and Dishonored all run fine...Rare drops is Frame Rate and it all runs really smooth..Only seems to be youtube!
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    Than it is likely an issue with your internet connection or some other software problem.

    Most I can think of is try watching Youtube in another Browser and seeing if any other similar websites have the same issue. That way you can rule out if its a software issue or Youtube itself is the problem. If there's no change, then its probably your internet.
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