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Hello Tom's folk,

With the price drop of the 7870s I have started to kick around the idea of an upgrade. Currently running a first gen (384 core) GTX 560 Ti, MSI Twin Frozr II. I have seen some benchs on Tom's and other sites, but it never mentions if this is the 384 or the 448 core version of the 560 Ti. Seems to me like there is roughly 20% improvement from some of the benchs that I have seen.

Rest of my setup is:
I5-2500k OC to 4.0
8 GB Ripjaws
120 Intel SSD
Gigabyte Z68 board

I play on a single 27" monitor @ 1080.

I was thinking about going with:


$259 with a $20 MIR and a free copy of Sleeping Dogs... I mean that's insanely cheap right?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. the cheapest ones are when you check


    these 2 cards when they restock and buy quickly. both extremely go out of stock like demons.

    though in my honest opinion, a 560ti to a 7870 isnt the biggest of jumps. i'd wait another generation if i were in your shoes.
  2. well any upgrade is worth thinking about (title of your thread) but not all upgrades are worth acting upon....in this case I agree with dudewitbow going from a gtx 560 ti to a 7870 is not the biggest jump and to me not worth the $250 or so...as he said I would wait and see what comes out in the next generation
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