Please help with new PC?

Hello all,

I wondered if you would maybe be able to offer me some advice as my head is spinning from all the threads, articles, advice and web pages I've been reading!

I am looking to get a new desktop PC for gaming, the game I play is World of Warcraft, currently installed on a MacBookPro which is causing me serious headaches with low fps (0 - 5fps) and serious lag (sometimes takes 2-4 minutes to load a loading screen) and also, when I have WoW running, any attempt to either use Skype, or the web browser causes it to crash!

I was recommended this PC:

But have since been told than the graphics card isn't ideal and also read a thread on here where someone had also thought about this PC but a member said a pre-built for the same price could way out perform it:

So i'm just wondering if anyone can offer me some advice on what to do, it will only be used for WoW, no other games and I just want to be able to happily be able to open web browsers and use skype, maybe even play some music without it crashing every 5 minutes.

Does anyone have any advice if its waste to spend £500 on the pre-built and I should go home built? As it will only be used to play WoW and web browsing, I don't want to spend more than £500ish on it. I'm in the UK if that helps at all.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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  1. Hey
    For the purposes you listed even 500$ will do just fine,3273.html
    to see specs and benchmarks click link

    Although might change cpu for a nicer one: i3-3225
  2. butremor said:
    For the purposes you listed even 500$ will do just fine,3273.html
    to see specs and benchmarks click link

    Although might change cpu for a nicer one: i3-3225

    +1 ...and you should add an SSD as well if it's within your budget.

    Laptops are not made for gaming. ESPECIALLY Macbooks.
  3. Thanks both, really helpful link :)

    Yeah, it started off just very casual play so I was just using my macbook but has since developed into a rather large addiction so the upgrade and a proper system is really needed!

    I will look out the items in the link for UK prices and see what I can pull together, I really have no clue and everyone keeps saying "no, not that processor" or "no, not that graphics card, this one" etc!

    So really appreciate the link with some great information :)
  4. Yeah that really isn't a bad PC for 500 bucks. Plus you don't have to build it and it comes with a pretty neat case.

    You could, of course, build something similar, but I'd really consider buying a small SSD for your windows 8 installation and program\game installations.

    Consider this build. Its a little more money, but a much better system:

    You'll have to choose a case that interests you :P
  5. It is actually rather hard to build a truly awful PC now. A lot of build threads really contain a lot of niggling, and I've been trying really hard not to get into that. I do believe it's important to call out the "gotcha's," like liar-labeled PSUs, RAM over 1.5V, and products with a history of problems; or intended use mismatches (e.g. bitcoin mining with a nVidia card). Other personal preferences rarely make a big difference in FPS though, so beyond gentle nudges, such as encouraging a new builder (as opposed to an upgrader) to choose Intel over AMD, or perhaps linking a benchmark or two, I don't see a point in dissecting a new build half to death.
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